Crocodile Puppet

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$400.00 / Week
$1,200.00 / Month

Be the puppet with our 12’+ riding crocodile puppet.

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This toothy lizard measures in at over 12′ long, but contrary to it’s size, weighs little in comparison. The puppeteer becomes part of the crocodile puppet as the croc’s hind legs are those of the puppeteer. While perched on the steel constructed croc cart, the puppeteer’s responsibility will be to choreograph the front body movement with the rear legs to give it that swagger. There is also a hand grip to operate the mouth. The cart is designed to be agile, and give a tight turning radius. Our crocodile is a fun and effective addition to ANY production (that requires a crocodile).

Additional information

Weight300 lbs

Lots of foam and metal parts

No manual available at this time

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