About our shipping methods

Our aim is to make your rental as easy as possible. We know you have a lot going on with your event or production, so we take the extra steps to try and deliver an out-of-the-box experience for you. All of our rentals include round trip shipping arrangements. Whether it’s a small parcel or freight, we take care of all preparations for the delivery and return for you, and include return documentation and labels for your convenience.


We use the following select carriers for our non-freight shipments:

  • United States Post Office
  • FedEx/FedEx International
  • UPS/UPS International
  • Golden State Overnight (for local customers)

Our accounts with our carriers afford us discounts on most shipping methods, and we are able to pass those savings on to you!


Unless otherwise noted, our products are shipped with intention of landing on the start date of your rental. In most cases it will be there before 5pm your time. If you need it for that morning/day, please select the day prior as your start date.

We strongly recommended that your rental start date lands on a business day. Although we can usually arrange for Saturday deliveries, it’s possible that the delivery destination may not receive parcel on Saturdays. Our carriers do not deliver on Sundays. If you wish to have your product for a Sunday event, please schedule your start date for the Friday or Saturday prior.

In most cases we will ship your item out 2-3 business days before your rental starts for smaller items, and 5-7 business days for larger items and freight.

Local Services

Stage Monkey Design & Consulting is located in Riverside, California. All customers are welcome to arrange for local pickup and return from our location. Southern California customers may arrange for personal delivery for a small fee. If you are within a 25 mile radius of our shop, then it gets better…your delivery is FREE! All deliveries include free setup and training.


Over-sized items are shipped via LTL Freight using the best carrier for your delivery location. As a courtesy to our customers, we shop around to find the best freight price and service for you. We will schedule the delivery and return pick-up for your rental at no additional cost to you! We work with various brokers to try and find the best rates.

Some of the freight services we use, including:

  • Daylight Transport
  • R&L Carriers
  • UPS Freight
  • Roudrunner

If you have a freight service you prefer to use, or would like to make the freight arrangements on your own, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate!


By default, freight deliveries are NOT guaranteed. This is an industry standard of operation with freight. We schedule our rental pick-ups from our facility based on the transit times that are given to us by the freight company. We will often ship out early to give you, our customer, the best chance of a timely arrival. However, the freight company is fully responsible for getting your delivery to you. Because of this, Stage Monkey Design can not guarantee the timely arrival of your freight package.

With that said, most services do offer a “Guaranteed Delivery” for an additional fee. What this guarantee does is insure that your freight gets to you in the time they proposed, or you get your money back. If you wish to take advantage of a Guaranteed Delivery, please let us know and we will add that to your estimate for you.

Packaging Instructions

Please retain your prop’s packaging for the return shipment. A return label (parcel) or BOL (freight) will either be sent with your rental, or be emailed to you before the end of your rental period.  When your rental is complete, please pack the prop back into the box in the way that it had arrived to you.

Please be sure that all components are accounted for before packaging.  If additional elements were mailed to you during your rental, please ensure that those are also in the parcel/crate

For Parcel

Please check that all of the contents of your rental are in the package. Affix the supplied return label over the existing label on the box, and secure the box closed. Simply drop off at your local post office (USPS) or respective drop-off location, or call for a pickup.

To avoid additional charges, the package should be delivered to the drop-off by 3pm local time on the first business day after your rental period is complete.  Late returns are subject to charges as stated in your contract.

If you received your order in a USPS Flat Rate box or FedEx One Rate box, and the original box was damaged or lost, a new box can be acquired from your local US Post Office or FedEx store for free.

For Freight

Call Stage Monkey to arrange for a pick-up time/day. We will email you a Bill Of Lading (BOL) for the return freight and schedule a pick-up. Check that all elements of your rental are accounted for and secured into the crate. Close and secure the crate per the instructions provided. Print 3 copies of the BOL to have ready for the driver. Attach one copy of the BOL to the crate, the 2nd is to be given to the driver, and the 3rd will be for our records once the driver assigns a tracking number.

It is recommended that you allow for a 4 hour pick-up window on the day your freight is scheduled to return.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the packaging or your rental, please contact Stage Monkey Design by phone at (951) 572-2755 or by email – rentals@stagemonkeydesign.com